Breathe again – The healthier option and cheaper alternative to Cigarettes.

Welcome to No Tar UK and to the home of quality e-cigarettes and e- liquids…So, what are e-cigarettes? In a nut shell an electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, is a device that simulates the act of smoking traditional cigarettes by producing a vapour instead of smoke. For this reason, “smoking” an e-cigarette is often referred to as “vaping”. Vaping offers a genuine alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes by providing the same sensation and nicotine content (if required) but eliminates many of the harmful side effects of smoking.

The vapour that’s produced by an e-cigarette has the appearance of cigarette smoke and can also share the same flavour and nicotine content of a traditional cigarette. The difference really is in the detail though, the vapour that’s produced by an e-cigarette does not smell like smoke and more importantly, does not contain the 4000 or so toxic chemicals that are produced by  smoking a traditional cigarette, including Carbon Monoxide, Tar and even Arsenic (sources:Cancer Research UK).


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So what’s the typical saving?

On average the smoker who smokes 20 cigarettes a day with the average value being £7.00 per pack could see savings of over £2,200 per year.

Smoke almost anywhere

Are you too tired of walking out of the building every time you have to smoke? Well, e-cigarettes are your solution to that. These cigarettes don’t produce any smoke and are permissible to use in public places so you’re safe from being told to put out your cigarette. (subject to permission)

Smell great

Tired of hearing people complain about how your car, home and office always reek of tobacco? Sick of how your five year old runs away from you because you smell weird? With e-cigarettes, you get rid of this problem. E-cigarettes are odorless as you’re not exhaling smoke but 100% water vapor. So don’t give your better half a reason to get away from you. Get rid of smoker’s breath and feel confident.

Passive smoking

Recent anti-smoking adverts have highlighted the risks of passive smoking in cars or small spaces and what that can do to children’s health. E-cigarettes do not give off toxins or smoke so are completely free from the risks associated with passive smoking.

Different flavours to choose from

If you like spicing up things from now and then and enjoy variety then e-cigarettes cater to your needs. With more than hundred flavours offered in the market, smoke what you desire. Bored of the same tobacco flavour? Then why not try cherry? Or blackberry? More flavours will be added so the possibilities are endless.

Save money on insurance

As insurance companies offer higher rates to nicotine users, you will probably end up paying a large chunk of your income to your insurance company. However, as insurance companies categorize e-cigarettes in the same group as nicotine patches and nicotine gum, you’re likely to be offered favorable rates as you can no longer be treated as a tobacco user.

E-cigarettes are not only wallet friendly but also a lot more convenient. Considering all these benefits e-cigarettes offer, we don’t see what will stop anyone from switching to them.

latest statistics show 1 person every 5 days unfortunately loses their life due to a fire creates as a result of smoking.